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Investing for Beginners

We don’t talk about investing for the first time enough. We take for granted that investing in the stock market has become second nature to us. There is also a lot of bad information out there on YouTube.

So, we decided to make a quick overview of the basics of investing. Instead of explaining everything all in one video, we describe how we invest in the stock market and have links below so you can read more about each step:

Can Everyone Retire A Millionaire? http://goo.gl/xmJbno
The 4% Rule – http://goo.gl/4kW3zS
Pay Yourself First – http://goo.gl/Q5AyrD
Automate Your Finances – http://goo.gl/unc3Zc
Why We Chose IRA – http://goo.gl/JF27H3
IRA vs. Roth IRA vs. 401k – http://goo.gl/qD5yBh
Why Vanguard – http://goo.gl/ZoSp6a
Why Index Funds – http://goo.gl/GO1Sy6
Why Index Funds, Again – http://goo.gl/kj0i3E
The Stock Market Always Goes Up – http://goo.gl/1TJWtP

The Economy Is About to Collapse! But, That Doesn’t Change Our Plans

People often wonder how our early retirement plan accounts for economic collapse or the bubble bursting. The short answer? We don’t account for collapse, however we do expect cycles of boom and bust.

In the video we discuss the 78 reasons why you shouldn’t have invested in the stock market over the last 100 or so years, and the one reason you should.

78 Reasons Link:

What Is Your Emotional Threshold When Investing?


A recent Jim Collins post (we know, big surprise) got us thinking about what our emotional threshold is for investing in one lump sum.

In 2012 Vanguard did a study that showed lump sum investing was more profitable than dollar cost averaging 67% of the time. With results so clear, shouldn’t investing large sums of money be easy?

Jim’s Case Study:

Jim’s Dollar Cost Averaging Post:

Vanguard Study:

Investing for the First Time | Mike and Lauren LIVE!

We’ve got another on air case study for you tonight! Lauren’s sister Lindsay has saved over $10,000 dollars and doesn’t have it invested in the stock market. Tonight we’ll discuss how she saved so much money and her first steps towards investing as a beginner.

Tune in and be sure to chat with us LIVE!

Tuesday December 30th at 8:30PM EST.


How We Invest in the Stock Market

This is how we invest our own money in the stock market.  For more information about our investment philosophy check out:

A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing (Tenth Edition)

Jim also wrote a good intro to investing that he calls his “stock series.”

If you have any questions, leave a comment below!