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3 FREE New York City Attractions | Not in Guidebooks



New York City is an amazing place with lots to see and do. After visiting all of the usual tourist attractions, try one of these 3 free stops that aren’t as well known.

We lived in midtown east for 3 years, right in the heart of Manhattan. After showing our friends around for the past week on our trip to NYC, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite “off the beaten path” spots.

Day 1 – Setting Sail For Europe


We’re packed. In the car. Officially on our way to Europe.

It’s been exactly three months to the day since we booked our trip, finding that a transatlantic cruise was the cheapest way to Europe.

We’re carrying only a 28 liter backpack each filled with wool clothing and a butt ton of video gear.

Our plan is to have no plan. All we know is we land in Barcelona and leave from Lisbon two months later. Where we visit, what we do, and where we sleep will all be decided on a whim.

We’ll be posting a new video everyday (Internet provided) once we reach Barcelona.

Check back here for news and updates.

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